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Relocating Office Becomes easier with USA CC Routes

VoIP is rapidly taking place in businesses worldwide, however, implementing this modish technology in a country like the USA can be quite challenging. Numerous rules and regulations can lead to knowing how and when VoIP communications can be used. But why it’s challenging? The lack of infrastructure makes optimization for VoIP in USA and other parts of the country

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Optimizing VoIP in USA for Global Businesses

If you are looking for cost-effective telephony alternative for businesses, VoIP is the best option for professionals to communicate with prospects abroad or any corner of the world. From USA via VoIP, it becomes far cheaper to be in contact with other businesses than to pay long distance fees for the similar call.

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USA CC Routes

Engage with your customers, solve problems, and build lasting connections with our superb USA CC route. USA CC route is Usually High CPS, and Short Durations calls.

  • Our stats for USA CC routes
  • ASR: 40% ACD: 15 TO 20 Seconds
  • Billing: LRN Rate
  • deck: NPA- NXX Digit: 4 digit

Aovtalk is one of the largest providers of USA CC Routes. We provide flat and affordable rates to give your business a robust communication tool to connect with your clients and customers. Aovatalk, we understand that if there is no customer, then there is no business, hence we do all we can to help you service your customer effectively and make them happy.

How VoIP can Lower the Cost?

The cost of phone service via VoIP is less costlier as compared to equivalent service from traditional sources. Either being monopolies or government entities, this is largely a function of traditional phone services. Because of using a single network to keep the hold of voice and data, there are also some cost savings.With no additional costs, this is especially true when users have existing under-utilized network capacity by which VoIP can be utilised.


Boost up the Functionality

With traditional networks, VoIP defines some easy things that are often difficult to impossible estimate. Wherever you plug into the network, incoming phone calls are automatically routed to your VOIP phone. One can receive incoming calls anywhere he/she wants. Also VoIP Phone can be taken on a trip and anywhere you can connect it to. Along with a good internet connection, call center agents implementing VoIP phones can easily work from anywhere.

Why Aovatalk?


Dedicated Routing

Aovatalk offers a separate call center routing plan for CC traffic, accepting calls with low ACD and high CPS rates. We don’t mix regular CLI and call-center traffic—thus meeting requirements of all our partners, including those who don’t accept CC and dialer traffic.


High Capacity

Our scalable and well-developed infrastructure can handle high volumes of CC traffic. We understand the ins-and-outs of call-centre work, and we are ready to cooperate with each client to ensure they get a route that suits them. Contact our team to get dedicated capacity for your CC traffic.



We don’t require minimum monthly call center traffic commitments and don’t have any penalties and surcharges for low ACD, low traffic volumes, or agreement termination. Our charges for call center routes are based only on CC traffic volumes.

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