Best VoIP Phone Service Providers in China

Looking for a new VOIP phone system?

Maintain a local presence with an international phone number and run your virtual call center from anywhere in the world.


Connectivity you can trust to reach customers

Take advantage of the Voice API’s reliable, high quality connections supported by the Aovatalk Communication. With access to global carriers, indefinite scaling, and private connections to the cloud, you’ll be able to start making quality calls in no time.

Aovatalk Based call center software ready for Remote work

Why Aovatalk?


Global conferencing

Add multi-party calling experiences, global dial-in support, and support for up to 250 participants with included PCI and HIPAA compliance for user privacy.


Alerts & notifications

Customize how you notify your customers to their preferences for notifications like password resets, low balance alerts, bill reminders, and fraud warnings.


Call tracking

Measure your business advertising ROI by accurately attributing call sources—be it campaign, search, social, keyword, or display ad—then, route leads to representatives.

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